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The Official App for Professional Wrestler, Actor, and Talk Show Host Shane Helms. Shane has wrestled as The Hurricane in the WWE, and as “Sugar” Shane Helms in WCW. Helms also appeared as David Arquette’s stunt double for the movie “Ready To Rumble”. Shane is the talk show host of Highway 2 Helms.
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iMMA Wrestling Fan
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Tired of missing Pro Wrestling events? Never miss another one! In partnership with former WCW and WWE superstar, Shane "Hurricane" Helms, we bring you the first iPhone app dedicated to letting you know about local, regional and national Pro Wrestling live events. We are pro wrestling fans. You are a pro wrestling fan. iMMA Wrestling Fan. Get the latest list of Pro Wrestling events in the United States, Mexico and Canada right to your iPhone, for free. The app is completely focused on one thing - upcoming live Pro Wrestling events.